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Are you tired of struggling with your swim technique? Do open water races fill you with anxiety? Are you looking to have more fun while training in the pool? The Swimazing University can help! My world-class training program, customized training plans, and expert coaching will help you overcome these challenges and reach your full potential as a triathlete or open water swimmer. You'll no longer feel lost in the water and will have the skills and confidence to tackle any race. Plus, I promise you that you will have fun with my training plans so you'll finally be able to enjoy the process of improving your swimming. Don't let your swims hold you back any longer, join the Swimazing University today!

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What you get in the Swimazing University

Getting started

I will tell you exactly what equipment you need and what you need to focus on when you approach your training. I will let you know what level to pick and what to focus on to make sure you progress within my program!

Top notch training plans

 Choose from three levels tailored to fit your needs and progress from 2500 to 4500 meter workouts. Beginners focus on technique, while intermediates and advanced swimmers tackle longer and more challenging workouts. Make your swim training great again!

Freestyle 101 + basic drills

Learn my approach to freestyle swimming in 3 simple steps and never be lost again with your swim technique!
In addition to that you will find a tutorial for every drill used in my training plans

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My simple but very effective approach to freestyle technique:

Body position

A great bodypostion lays the foundation for a good freestyle technique. You will learn what to focus on when you position your self in the water and. Sink no more - learn to swim effortlessly!


Utilizing your core strenght when you swim freestyle is essential in so many ways! I will teach what it means to rotate when you swim freestyle and how to learn it the right way!


Thinking about moving fast from point A to point B in swimming should really be talked about AFTER you master the first two concepts mentioned earlier. We will dive into the key concepts for your pull and your kick that will make you swim fast!


49€ per month

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What do you get?

  • World class swim training for your Ironman swim preperation updated and explained in details weekly
  • Technical video tutoirals to assist your swim training
  • Introduction video series to help you find the right training plan for you as well as recommendation for equipment.

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Swimming freestyle should be easy and training should be fun!

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