Easy Easy simple simple! That is how freestyle swimming technique should be taught. 

Are you one of those athletes who reads articles about swimming in triathlon magazines? Are you left confused and overwhelmed? Are you thinking about the exact angle in elbow joint during your so called high elbow catch? Guys, seriously....stop wasting your time and money by following instructions of people who probably only know a little bit more than you already know yourself about freestyle swimming! Hop on a call today and I will show you what workes all the way to he world class level in competetive swimming. Even better: It is way more simple and therefore significantly easier to understand and to implement than the shit you heard so far and that has gotten you nowhere up to this point.

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My simple but very effective approach to freestyle technique:

Body position

A great bodypostion lays the foundation for a good freestyle technique. You will learn what to focus on when you position your self in the water. Sink no more - learn to swim effortlessly!


Utilizing your core strenght when you swim freestyle is essential in so many ways! I will teach what it means to rotate when you swim freestyle and how to learn it the right way!


Thinking about moving fast from point A to point B in swimming should really be talked about AFTER you master the first two concepts mentioned earlier. We will dive into the key concepts for your pull and your kick that will make you swim fast!

What you get with your 149€ online coaching investment:

Freestyle 101 basics

Guys! This is literally the same information I am giving to my elite swimmers who have won medals on the biggest stages in international swimming! I guarantee you that you will leave our call with a clear understanding about freestyle swimming and that it will blow your mind how easy this actually is.

Video analysis of your stroke

We will go over your swimming footage together and look for ways to improve your swimming over night! Once again it will blow your mind how easy technical correction can - and SHOULD be! You will leave our meeting knowing exactly what to focus on in your next swim session.

Book my 60 minute online coaching now for just 199€!


199€ for  60 minutes

  • You will be billed by Digistore24
  • All taxes are included and 199€ is the final price
  • Video coaching will done using Zoom.
  • Risk free - don't ike my coaching? You have 60 day refund policy in place!

Required footage

  • Freestyle video of you swimming filmed above the water
  • Freestyle video of you swimming under water filmed from the side
  • Freestyle video of you swimming under water filmed from the front

Once you purchase

  • you will be emailed the Zoom link for our coaching meeting
  • Please make sure to check my calender to find a spot that fits your schedule 

Don't wait any longer to understand how to swim freestyle the right, the fast and the EASY way!

Swimming freestyle should be easy and training should be fun!

Ok, where can I sign up for 199€ already?

About me:

Hi, my name is Jan Wolfgarten and I am a former world class swimmer with a wealth of experience competing at the highest levels of the sport. As a short course European Champion, I held three German records and have earned a medal at the World Championships. I have competed at world class level internationally in both pool and open water events and have had the opportunity to swim under some of the top coaches in the world, including Gregg Troy, Anthony Nesty and Stefan Lurz.

In addition to my swimming career, I have also spent the past 10 years as a coach, working with hundreds of triathletes of all levels to improve their swimming. I was responsible for Sebastian Kienle's swim training on his way to a victory at the Kona World Championships in 2014 taking him from a 5 minute deficit to the front swim pack within 3 years. In addition to that I have worked with elite swimmers for the past 6 years, helping them achieve national titles and represent Germany on the international stage.

Currently, I am the Head Coach for the Saarland Swimming Federation in Germany, where I am dedicated to helping athletes reach their full potential and achieve success at the highest levels of competition. With my extensive experience as both a world class athlete and coach, I am well-equipped to help athletes of all levels reach their goals in the sport of swimming.